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Welcome to a new school year. I am humbly honored and excited to be the new Principal of Captain Joaquin Castro Elementary School. I look forward to creating strong and collaborative relationships with all students, staff, and parents of this great community. Together, we will implement best practices that will help chisel our students into the future leaders of tomorrow.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality of education to our Raiders. During these unprecedented times, rest assured knowing that we will work diligently to ensure our students obtain diverse instruction suitable to meet their needs, and we are lucky to set trends and be part of this journey. I look forward to meeting with you and together redefining excellence.
Captain Joaquin Castro Elementary
“Redefining Excellence”

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Watering Can Contest Featured Photo

Watering Can Contest

We have a competition coming up soon! Any student interested in making a recycled watering can can register with their teacher by September 24th. ¡Tendremos una competencia próximamente! Cualquier estudiante interesado en hacer una regadera reciclada puede inscribirse con su maestro(a) antes del 24 de septiembre.