Castro Elementary School

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As part of the new district initiative, Castro Elementary has begun using Chromebooks and tablets in the classroom in their every day instruction. In the library, the Chromebooks are being utilized to access MyOn which is a type of reading program. Student, Acxa Hernandez says "MyOn sparks my imagination." Pictured here are students from Mr. Estimbo's 4th grade class. Students are using the Chrombooks for multiple subjects and purposes such as logging into for science and reviewing slides and taking notes in their interactive notebooks. They also use the same site for ELAR to learn about the poetry & drama elements. For math, they have googled their way to lessons that address estimating length, fractions and multiplication using the lattice. The possibilities are endless and Mr. Estimbo's class proves that students are eager to learn more when technology is incorporated as fourth grader, Alex Rodriguez states, "It helps us learn in a fun way."